Feds Indict 18 Wheels of Soul Gang Members

Eighteen leaders of the Wheels of Soul motorcycle gang face racketeering, kidnapping and murder charges in a wide-ranging indictment aimed at a nationwide take down, according to federal authorities.

Wheels of Soul members allegedly murdered a rival gang member in St. Louis in August 2009 and are also alleged to have committed murders in Illinois and Ohio. The 40-page federal indictment also alleges extensive drug dealing in at least seven states in addition to a drive-by shooting in Colorado and a gang fight in Chicago. The indictment included mentioned that gang members used high explosives, committed arson, and were ordered to carry hammers, knives and guns.

Twenty-one gang members were indicted and 18 were in custody on Tuesday, July 9, 2011. Three of the 18 indicted members were from the Denver area at large.

“The significance of today’s arrests is not just the fact that these members are considered the most violent of the group,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Dennis Baker.

“Today’s nationwide takedown has disrupted and dismantled the Wheels of Soul by targeting the senior leaders.”

The federal investigation targeted a small percentage of members who attained the status of “One Percenter” or “Diamond” level and were considered particularly criminal and violent.

The gang is governed by a “Mother Chapter” in Philadelphia, with regional chapters around the country. The indicted members were from Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

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