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Who Do I File a Claim Against After a Crash?

After a crash, you should be able to file an insurance claim to recover the cost of your medical bills and other car accident damages. In general, you file a claim against the insurance provider that covers the at-fault driver. This insurance company should provide the driver with a legal defense and will pay any settlement or verdict up to the coverage amount. In this video, attorney Phil Chupick explains who you file a claim against after a crash.

Video Transcription

Many people ask us, who do I make the claim against after I’ve been involved in an auto accident? The claim that’s made is against the person’s insurance company. That person’s company should protect them by providing them with a defense, usually in the form of a lawyer. As well as provide them with indemnification if a settlement or judgment is reached. In other words, the insurance company will protect that person by paying the amount of the damages up to the insurance limits that they purchased.