Staff at Metier Law Firm participating in Red Nose Day.

Did You Wear Your Red Nose Last Week? We Did!

Metier Law Firm staff recently participated in Red Nose Day, a multinational charity event that raises money for children living in poverty across the globe. The ‘red noses’ signify adding humor into the life of underprivileged children. Metier Law Firm paralegal Kris Koehler described what it feels like to participate in Red Nose Day.

“I always try to support charities that benefit kids.  Red Nose Day is a fundraiser for children in poverty.  What makes Red Nose Day different is that it’s fun! It’s not a letter in the mail, or someone just asking for donations.  Wearing the red clown nose brings joy and laughs from other people, and seeing everyone else in the office wearing them was fun too!  And all for a good cause!”

You can learn more about Red Nose Day and how to participate next year.