Shoulder injury leads to a $650,000 verdict

Eric Fong, a partner at the Metier Law Firm, won a major victory for his client when a jury returned a verdict awarding a Tacoma man $650,000 for injuries he suffered in a car crash with an underinsured driver.  The defendant was Allstate Insurance Company, who insured Mr. Fong’s client.

According to Mr. Fong, Allstate’s conduct was anything but in the best interests of it’s own insured.  Shortly after the car crash, which resulted in a complex shoulder injury, Allstate hired a doctor who effectively said Fong’s client did not need medical treatment.

Months prior to the verdict, Mr. Fong’s client even agreed to settle with Allstate for $150,000 following mediation.  After the parties agreed to this amount, and entered into a settlement agreement, Allstate reneged on their agreement and tried to strong arm their own insured into accepting less than the agree amount.

According to Mr. Fong, Allstate failed to live up to its promise to protect his client. “We all have a right to live our life the ways we choose, to follow our dreams and to be healthy.  When we purchase insurance to protect these rights, insurance companies must stand behind their promises, and honor the insurance contract.  When they do not do this, they must be held accountable,” said Fong.

According to Mr. Fong, “It’s important to help the jury connect with your client. We were able to do that in an authentic way and show them that our client deserved their compassion.” After a two-day trial in Pierce County Superior Court, on May 15 the jury deliberated less than two hours before returning a $650,000 verdict in favor of Mr. Fong’s client.

Fong is a veteran trial attorney who honed his skills serving as a public defender. He has spent the last decade handling civil litigation, including complex brain injury, car crashes, trucking crashes, products liability, personal injury and medical malpractice. Fong has been recognized for his work by several legal organizations, including the National Trial Lawyers, the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College and the Washington Defense Trial Lawyers, which named him the 2013 Plaintiffs Trial Lawyer of the Year.