Attorney Tom Metier

Tom Metier Receives 2016 Wiedemann & Wysocki Award

Metier Law Firm is proud to announce that Tom Metier is among a handful of attorneys to receive the 2016 Wiedemann & Wysocki Award. To be selected for the Wiedemann & Wysocki Award, an attorney must show a longstanding commitment to carrying out the mission of the American Association for Justice (AAJ). AAJ’s mission is to promote a fair and effective justice system for all. All people have the right to seek justice after being hurt by the negligence of other parties, even when those parties represent powerful interests.

The Wiedemann & Wysocki Award is named after Fritz Wiedemann and James Anthony Wysocki, two attorneys from New Orleans who were also active members of AAJ. On their way to an event to help AAJ, both attorneys lost their lives in a plane crash. To honor their names, AAJ created the Weidemann & Wysocki Award.

The Wiedemann & Wysocki Award is only granted to attorneys who have shown a commitment to seeking justice for victims of negligence, promoting safety and improving their communities. Tom’s career as an attorney has met these standards.

As a nationally recognized motorcycle accident and personal injury attorney, Tom has shown absolute dedication to pursuing justice for his clients. Tom is widely known for being a passionate and innovative trial attorney. Earlier this year, Law Week Colorado wrote an article on Tom’s innovative trial techniques and why they are effective.

Tom and Metier Law Firm have also shown dedication to improving their community. Metier Law Firm and Law Tigers Colorado regularly sponsor charitable events such as the Realities Ride for Children.

Metier Law Firm and Tom Metier preside over Law Tigers Colorado. Law Tigers is a national organization of motorcycle accident attorneys dedicated to helping injured riders.