Five Tips For New Riders

When you first start riding a motorcycle, it is important to keep certain things in mind to keep from hurting yourself or your bike. Here are five things a new rider should keep in mind to avoid a motorcycle accident and to become a more efficient rider:

  1. Do not give into peer pressure – Riding is supposed to be about individuality, not conformity. Do what you know is right, and what feels comfortable to you as far as safety precautions.
  2. Ride within your limits – Ride as fast as you feel comfortable. A motorcycle is a special kind of machine, and it will take time to learn how to control it. It is much less painful to make a mistake at slow speeds than fast.
  3. Learn to read the road – Your bike will be affected a lot differently by road conditions that your car is. Gravel on the road or steel plates used in road repair can make you feel like you have hit ice, so be aware.
  4. Follow maintenance schedules – Components on your motorcycle tend to wear out faster than on a car. Your tires and brakes will need to be changed more frequently, and always change your oil on time.
  5. Watch your gas gauge – Bikes can go a lot farther on a gallon of gas, but they have a much smaller tank than a car. Riders in the know tend to fill up around half a tank, because you just never know.

Riding can be an awesome experience, and following the tips above will help you become comfortable on your bike sooner rather than later.

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