Flash Flood Fatal to Family of Five

The Constatinides family, of Colorado Springs, had no idea what was in store for them when packed up their camp site to move upstream in the early hours of Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

Laurel and Alex Constantinides, of Colorado Springs, and their three daughters – Hannah Xian, 8, Zoe Hong Chun, 5, and Lucia Yoon Mee, 2 — were traveling on Highway 130 when they ended up in a 25-foot wide and 9-foot deep trench caused by a flooded creek.

Only Alex survived the accident.

The deaths of the four members of the Constatinides family mark the first flood-related fatalities in a year that has seen an unusually high number of landslides and floods along Wyoming’s roadways.

It appears that the road was washed out by a flood sometime in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  It is not clear if the flood occurred shortly before they hit that patch of road and they didn’t have time to react, or if the flood hit as they were driving and swept them away.

Looking at pictures of the roadway, there is a large ravine carved into the road. If that ravine was full of water, it is even possible that, in the dark and rain, they couldn’t see that the road wasn’t there and actually drove into the water by mistake.

Regardless of how it happened, a man has lost his entire family to what was essentially a freak accident. What is worse is that the campsite they left never flooded.

The Antler’s Hilton and Cascade and Pikes Peak avenue, in Colorado Springs, hosted a public memorial for Laurel and her daughters. The memorial started at noon on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 and over 700 mourners attended.

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