Following Critical Space Heater Explosion, Denver Accident Lawyers Urge Caution

A space heater explosion injured a child and two adults in a Colorado Springs garage, and two of them are in critical condition from their burn injuries.

The accident occurred on Sunday, December 9. Firefighters say that a man was working on his car inside his sealed garage with his 2-year-old son and another man. A propane space heater was running at the time, and the explosion occurred when someone removed the fuel tank from the vehicle. The combination of the propane space heater and the fuel tank caused the violent explosion.

Neighbors heard and saw the explosion, which destroyed the home’s attic and garage.

“When those fumes hit that heat source, those fumes become flammable and it’ll cause it to flash,” said Kenny Bradley with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. The flash grew into a house fire.

The father and son are in critical condition at a Denver hospital. The other man is in stable condition.

Avoiding Propane Space Heater Explosions and Burn Injuries

The Colorado Springs Fire Department says that in general, people should not use propane space heaters in an enclosed area. Construction workers often use them on outdoor industrial sites. If you decide to use a propane space heater indoors, make sure there are no flames or flammable materials.

Manufacturers of dangerous products have a responsibility to warn consumers about possible dangers. If you used a product as instructed and still sustained injuries, we can help you seek compensation for injuries, lost wages, medical bills and emotional trauma. Call (866) 377-3800 for a free consultation, or visit our site to learn more about product liability.

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