Football Player Suffers Fatal Traumatic Brain Injury on the Field

Traumatic brain injuries are common in contact sports, with many football players suffering several small injuries throughout their careers. For one Frostburg State University football player, one traumatic brain injury on the field proved too many. Derek Sheely, who died last month after he collapsed during practice, suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a helmet-to-helmet hit. According to, he died six days after he collapsed on the field.

The football player wore a 2011 Schutt DNA Pro Plus helmet at the time of his injury. Frostburg State chose this specific helmet as a result of a Virginia Tech study on the concussion protection of various football helmets. Still, the university is reviewing its procedures to make sure it upholds good standards for athletics. The university awarded 22-year-old Derek Sheely with a Bachelor of Science degree posthumously, and the university’s student government will hold a memorial service for the football player.

Many young people are not aware of the dangers inherent in contact sports, especially those who engage in dangerous sports without protective gear. Even with helmets, accidents can happen, so those who do participate in sports should be careful to guard themselves with protective gear and good sense.

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