Is Forced Induction the Future of Motorcycling Power?

The rumor mill is churning again, only this time Honda is smack dab in the middle of all the fuss. What new slick piece of kit is going to turn heads and changed the world of motorcycling this time? Apparently, we have another forced induction story in need of serious examination.

The Future of Motorcycling Power Is Forced Induction?

It can’t be denied that forced induction is a popular way to add power to almost any engine. Drag racers have been using turbochargers and superchargers to make their vehicles jump off the line at fantastic speeds, but rarely do any factories use the technology.

Back in the 80s, factories experimented with fitting superchargers on their bikes, but that trend died out quickly. However, Kawasaki flipped the script two short years ago when it released the insanely powerful H2 and H2R. This supercharged bike makes over 300 horsepower and it has fueled the imaginations of motorcyclists all over the world. Now that craving seems to have wiped off on Honda.

New design sketches from the U.S. Patent Office seem to reveal a motorcycle with a supercharger installed on the left-hand side. The design apparently originates from Honda, and it has motorcycle journalists talking. Could Honda be joining the forced induction race, or is this a prank? Keep following your motorcycling attorneys to find out. You can also chime in with your opinion on Facebook and Twitter.

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