Former MLB Pitcher, Current Radio Host Injured In Motorcycle Crash

Frank Pastore was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and the Minnesota Twins during the 70s and 80s. He currently hosts “The Frank Pastore Show”, a Christian radio show on KKLA. A statement on KKLA’s website revealed that Pastore sustained critical injuries in a motorcycle accident on November 19, 2012.

California police say that Pastore was riding his motorcycle on the 210 Freeway in California when a woman driving a Hyundai Sonata lost control and drifted into Pastore’s lane. He was riding in the carpool lane at the time. Prstore was ejected from his motorcycle and sustained a serious head injury. A helicopter took him to a hospital, and he is currently in a coma. Police say that neither drugs nor alcohol were factors in the accident.

He was heading home from work when the accident occurred. His wife, Gina, said that some comments he made in that night’s broadcast took on a new significance after the accident.

“He said, ‘If I were to be killed on the freeway tonight and my body parts are all over the freeway I’m not on the freeway because I’m my soul and I would be with the Lord,’” Gina said.

We wish Pastore a speedy recovery, and urge all motorists to watch for motorcycles in the carpool lane. As we mentioned in another blog post, it is legal for motorcycles to ride in the carpool lane. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our attorneys today at (866) 377-3800 – most of us are riders, too. There is no charge for our first meeting.

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