Former Officer Accused of Hitting Seven Bikers, Killing Two While Drunk

A former police officer is currently on trial in Maine for charges related to crashing into a group of motorcyclists and killing two of them. The bikers were members of the Last Chance Motorcycle Club, a biker group for recovering addicts and alcoholics. The former officer may have been drunk at the time of the motorcycle accident.

The riders were on their way to the funeral of a fellow Last Chance member when John P Heaney III crashed into them. Four bikers sustained injuries, and two – Michael Zadoyko, 47 and Keith Michaelson, 52 – died in the accident. The accident occurred in July of 2011.

Was Heaney Intoxicated?

The officer who arrested Heaney after the accident faced a scrutinous cross section to determine if Heaney was drunk at the time of the accident. He refused a blood test at the time of the accident. The officer detected “a little bit of an odor” from Heaney that smelled like alcohol and mint. Video of his sobriety test showed Heaney appearing unsteady; Heaney’s attorneys claim that these stem from medical issues in his knees and that the accident left him shaken up.

His attorney also claims that the symptoms he exhibited – glassy eyes, disorientation – stemmed from a hypoglycemic attack, not inebriation. Prosecutors claim that Heaney had drank up to six alcoholic drinks that day.

This is a very tragic accident, especially since the riders were on their way to mourn and remember a fellow rider when they lost two more of their own. Friends or family members of fallen riders can turn to us when they want justice to be done. Take advantage of our free consultations by calling now: 866-637-3800.

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