Memorial For Bicyclist Killed By Driver

A ghost bike memorial erected yesterday in Fort Collins commemorates the life of a 64 year old Coloradan fatally hit by a car on October 8. The victim, a long time cyclist, was following proper procedure and riding in the bike lane. Unfortunately, the driver turned into his lane blinded by the sun in his eyes.

“Ghost bikes symbolize the death of a cyclist” said a representative of the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-Op. They are painted white with “no air in the tires…symbolic of the end of the road,” he added.

Quite a crowd gathered at the scene of the accident, Harmony and Hinsdale to honor the victim and speak about bicycle safety. A University of Colorado Health surgeon and organizer of the event stated “If this bike memorial prevents one accident, one injury or one fatality – then it has served its purpose.”

The victim’s wife hopes “this will be a reminder to bicyclists and drivers that we need to be more vigilant and more careful of bicyclists.”

I Have Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident and I Need an Attorney

No alcohol or drugs contributed to this accident, only a momentary lapse of awareness on the road. Something as innocuous as the sun in a driver’s eyes can have tragic consequences. When another driver’s negligence results in injury to you or your loved ones, don’t hesitate to call us.

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