Fort Collins Drivers Ranked Safest in the Country

Congratulations, Fort Collins: for the second year in a row, Fort Collins, Colorado ranks as having the safest drivers in America. According to, Allstate released their “America’s Best Drivers” report that ranks the 200 largest cities in the country by car collision frequency. In Fort Collins, the average driver will have a car crash every 14 years, which is 28 percent less likely than the national average. Boise, Idaho and Lincoln, Nebraska were the second and third safest cities, and Washington, D.C. ranked as the worst place for car crashes.

Colorado Springs received the number 11 spot on the list, meaning that residents will get in an accident every 11.9 years. In order to practice safe driving tips, which Fort Collins residents obviously utilize, experts recommend the following: minimize distractions, be aware of road conditions, leave a safe distance between your car and others around you, avoid road rage and take care of your car.

Though every 14 years is a decent average for car collisions, remember that any accident could be a potentially fatal one. Make sure that you continue to use safe driving habits and make Colorado the safest place to live in the country.

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