Fort Collins Motorcycle Cops Test Electric Bike

The Fort Collins police department is testing an electric motorcycle to see if the model would be a valuable resource for the department. So far, officers report that the electric bike has several benefits.

Lt. Hal Dean said that his team members were skeptical at first, “But once they’ve rode it, almost every one of them said they liked it.”

Some of the benefits include:

  • Weight. The Inertia Plus LE from Oregon-based Brammo weighs 350 pounds, much lighter than the department’s Harley-Davidsons which typically weigh between 500 and 600 pounds.
  • Noise. The electric bike is very quiet, which police officials note is useful when situations require stealth.
  • Cost. The electric bike costs about $5,000 less than the police department’s conventional models.
  • Maintenance. The bike runs 80 miles when charged for four hours, and there is no gas or oil to deal with.

So far, the bike’s low top speed is the biggest drawback. The electric bike tops out at around 60 mph, whereas the department’s Harleys can go over 100 mph. Dean said the bike would be more ideal for neighborhood patrols instead of high-speed chases.

Due to the lack of combustible materials, electric bikes are less likely to cause burn injuries. However, other motorists might not notice them due to the lack of a roaring engine.

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