Fort Collins Teenager Participates in Adaptive Sports After Spinal Cord Injury

The story of a Fort Collins teenager can help us understand how auto accident survivors can adapt to and overcome the limitations of spinal cord injuries.

In an article published by the Coloradoan, a 17-year-old Fort Collins boy and his family discuss the struggles of living with paralysis. Although it was initially difficult for the athletic teenager to adapt to his new life, the article discusses how he managed to overcome the limitations of his injury.

Shortly after his injury, the teenager began searching for ways to participate in sports. Activities like wheelchair racing have become a fun new activity for the Fort Collins teenager. He participates in adaptive sports at Craig Hospital and aspires to take up rugby.

People in similar circumstances can participate in the same activities as the Fort Collins teenager mentioned in the Coloradoan article. Colorado has several different places that offer adaptive sports to individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Where to Find Adaptive Sports in Colorado

Organizations such as the Adaptive Sports Association, the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation and the Adaptive Sports Center offer Colorado residents the chance to participate in athletic activities that are modified for certain types of injuries.

For example, Denver residents can sign up with the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation and participate in sled hockey. Sled hockey allows individuals with paralysis below the waist to participate in the widely enjoyed ice sport. Wheelchair basketball and lacrosse are other activities offered by the organization.

Life after an accident is difficult, but there are fun activities that can help with the healing process. Continue following our blog for future updates on how to make the best of life after sustaining a spinal cord injury.

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