Fort Hood Updates Required Motorcycle Safety Gear

Fort Hood, an Army base located in central Texas, reports that this year’s motorcycle fatalities have dramatically increased from last year. In 2010, three service members died in motorcycle accidents, whereas seven members have died so far in 2011. The commanders of Fort Hood decided to update their motorcycle safety policy in order to remedy the high number of motorcycle fatalities by requiring all III Corps and Fort Hood service members to wear safety jackets on and off base.

According to, service members must wear safety vests or jackets that are brightly colored, fluorescent and reflective. In addition, passengers on motorcycles, which include all civilians and service members, must wear the safety vests or jackets when on post. The base hopes that these safety measures will help car drivers see the service members on the road.

Fort Hood already requires service members to wear certified helmets, shatter-resistant goggles, glasses or full-face shields, boots, long-sleeved shirts, long pants and gloves when riding on or off base. Their clothing requirements may seem a little excessive, but additional lives in the military should not be lost to preventable motorcycle accidents.

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  1. See the thing is, if you look at the stats, the vast majority of the motorcycle accidents wouldn’t have been avoided by wearing a vest. They would have been avoided by not riding like a fool, doing twice the speed limit or more. We just had an accident on Watercrest road in Killeen. Male and female on a motorcycle, going to fast down Robinette, couldn’t make the turn onto Watercrest. Vests wouldn’t have saved them. Also, check the stats. Most of the deadly motorcycle accidents are people riding sports bikes…something about the mentality.

    And by the way, reflective vests don’t do much of anything during the day. They work by reflecting the light from vehicle headlights…at night! How is it so diffficult determining a bright shirt? White(ish), yellow, bright read, bright blue, etc… Too easy! The last CG rode. He set up the post-wide rides. Does this new CG ride? Does he understand anything about motorcyclists besides safety stats? It’s all about how the stats look to big Army, not about the riders.

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