Four Bicycle Accident Prevention Tips For Cyclists

Spring has arrived and summer is not far away, and more Coloradoans will be using bicycles for transportation. Cycling can be a dangerous activity if safety precautions are not undertaken. Fortunately, there are things cyclists can do that may help them avoid bicycle accidents.

  • One of the most common bicycle accidents is known as “the right cross”. The right cross is what happens when a car pulls out of a parking lot, driveway or side street and strikes a cyclist. To avoid this type of accident, cyclists should stay as visible as possible, both during day and night. Bright clothing, bicycle lights and waving can help motorists detect cyclists and avoid causing a bicycle accident.
  • Another common bicycle accident scenario involves car doors opening in front of cyclists. Motorists do not always check for cyclists when exiting their vehicle, so it is important to ride far enough to the left of parked cars that if a door opens in front of you, a bicycle accident can be avoided.
  • Cyclists practicing safe riding should never ride against traffic. Vehicles turning from a side street or parking lot are looking for traffic coming from the left and behind, making it very difficult to see cyclists in the front and to the right.
  • Be very cautious when attempting to pass slow moving vehicles. Some cyclists might not see traffic as a danger, but slow moving cars could merge lanes or turn in front of you and cause a bicycle accident.

There are numerous tips for avoiding bicycle accidents, and the best way to stay safe is to learn as much as possible about bicycle safety.

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