French Motorcyclists Have To Pass A Hero Test To Get A License

The peaceful Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France were shattered by a terror attack. But even as stories about the tragedy spread across the world, we are hearing unexpected details. Apparently, the French have a hearty breed of two-wheeled heroes in their midst.

Do French Motorcyclists Have To Pass A Hero Test To Get A License?

iStock_000008965875SmallThere were many stories to come out of the Nice tragedy, but one in particular caught our eye. Many witnesses claimed to have seen a lone motorcyclist race up to the 19-ton truck as it plowed into the crowd of innocent spectators. They claimed that the motorcyclist leapt from his motorcycle onto the truck, fought the driver, but was later crushed as the rampage continued. However, this tragic tale of heroism wasn’t what it seemed.

What Really Happened?

A young Frenchman who saw the attack jumped on his motorcycle as the truck came barreling toward him. The man then leapt from his motorcycle to the truck and reportedly started punching the driver. After a few moments of struggling, the truck driver pulled a gun and the heroic motorcycle rider safely bailed out. But while that rider was fighting the trucker, another rider took a stand as well.

A scooter rider tried his hand at stopping the truck by riding his bike under it. He was hoping to pop a tire or to just slow the vehicle down so more people could escape. He jumped away at the last moment before impact and also managed to get away safely. His scooter was crushed by the truck.

French police believe that the witnesses that thought they saw a motorcyclist crushed by the Nice truck driver actually witnessed these two valiant men fighting back in a desperate situation. Not long after their attempt to stop the truck, a police woman jumped onto the truck and stopped the driver. Now the authorities are hunting for anybody else who could have played a part in this plot.

Motorcyclists are a special kind of people. They love freedom and helping other people. To the riders who helped the French Police stop this attack, we are thankful for your heroism! And for anybody wanting to learn more about motorcycling, stick with our blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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