How Frequently Are Pedestrians Killed On the Road?

In early November, two motorists died when a semi-truck driver struck them as they were pulled over to the side of the highway. Changing a flat tire or pulling over on the side of a highway can be a risky endeavor for some motorists, and that is why Colorado safety officials are asking motorists to extend the same “move over” courtesy given to emergency vehicles to civilian vehicles as well.

Colorado’s Move Over Law specifies that motorists who are approaching an emergency vehicle that has pulled over to the side of the road must yield one lane over. In an effort to give emergency personnel maneuverability and to keep them away from busy traffic, it was anticipated that the number of deaths every year would be greatly reduced.

Does the Move Over Law Help?

Unfortunately, even for emergency vehicles the situation seems dire. Just last year, 29 Colorado State Troopers were struck by passing vehicles while conducting traffic stops, and most crashes occurred during the day.

As of now, the Move Over Law only applies to emergency vehicles, and no plans have been made to extend the law to cover civilian vehicles. Failure to abide by the Move Over Law can result in fines and even more serious penalties if a person is hurt or killed.

Weather conditions and seasonal changes can present even more challenges to vehicles and pedestrians who are stopped on the side of the highway. Low visibility and the use of plow trucks to move snow create plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen.

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