Friends Blame State Troopers for Fatal Motorcycle Crash

The Beacon-News reports discrepancies between police and witness accounts of a fatal motorcycle crash on August 26 outside of Chicago. Three friends on motorcycles, including Nicholas Linton, headed into Chicago on Interstate 88; a subsequent motorcycle crash killed Linton. The Illinois State Police say that the accident is still under investigation, but the police report filed shows that one motorcycle swerved in front of the other, causing the second motorcycle to take evasive actions. However, the bikers with Linton report that a State Police vehicle caused the accident by slamming on brakes in front of the bikers.

Oscar Flores, who rode behind the Linton and the other biker, alleges that the State Trooper came up from behind, passed the bikers and stopped in front of the motorcyclists without the use of its lights or a siren. Flores explains that Linton tried to swerve to miss the vehicle, and his motorcycle launched him off.

After the accident, Linton’s body remained on the pavement of the interstate from around 9:15 pm until 1:30 am. Linton was a member of RPM Riders United, and members contacted the NAACP in Chicago for help with the investigation as to the involvement of the police car and the circumstances of the accident.

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