Garbage Man Dies After Running Over Himself With Own Truck

A Denver garbage truck driver died this September after running himself over with his own garbage truck.

40-year-old Brian Rojas was driving his Eagle Waste Services garbage truck standing up, which is a typical practice, when he found himself blocked by a garbage can. Instead of getting out of the truck to move the wheeled trash- can, Rojas attempted to lean out of the open cab and move the can with his free hand. Something then caused him to fall out of the cab and under the wheels of the moving truck.

Emergency crews reported finding Rojas conscious and speaking at the scene of the accident before they had him airlifted to Swedish Medical Center in serious condition. Rojas later died from his injuries.

There is sometimes a fine line between what is safe at work and what is not. A garbage truck driver can probably drive safely while standing up from stop to stop. Standing and driving obviously becomes unsafe when you try to reach out of the vehicle. If your job involves hazardous situations, make certain you take the time to be safe and avoid a workplace injury.

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