Could This Brain Implant Help Combat Memory Loss?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can affect a person’s memory. TBI victims often have trouble remembering the events leading up to their injury, and their ability to form new memories can be compromised.

Experts describe memory as the process by which neurons in the brain encode, store and retrieve information. Memory loss occurs when an injury or illness disrupts neuron function.

Recently, the government provided $40 million in funding to three U.S. research groups trying to help TBI victims process memories. The researchers hope to create a neuroprosthetic brain implant to improve access to declarative memories, such as times, places or events, that the brain consciously recalls.

In 2012, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that human memory could be enhanced by stimulating the entorhinal area, which one researcher called “the golden gate to the brain’s memory mainframe.”

The entorhinal cortex works with the hippocampus to transform daily experiences into permanent memories. The research team hopes to use brain implants to record neuron activity, and then develop a way to restore memory function using electrical stimulation.

If they are successful, researchers could use the implant to help brain injury, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s patients recall past events and form new memories.

Memory loss is only one cognitive issue facing TBI victims. Difficulties with reasoning and language can also make recovery difficult, and patients may require extensive therapy to regain full function.

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