Get Trained Before Hitting the Dirt Bike Trails

Spring is upon us and the snow covered mountain trails have melted, meaning one thing: dirt bike season. There is a vast network of mountainous trails between Aspen and Grand Junction, which offer riders a unique way to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful vistas. However, dirt biking can turn life threatening if approached haphazardly and without the proper instruction.

“It’s a risky sport, but not necessarily riskier than skiing or snowboarding. The key is getting proper instruction and taking the time to learn properly. You wouldn’t take a beginner skier to the top of the Highlands Bowl,” said one of the co-owners of Aspen Dirt Bike School, a training facility in Basalt, Colorado.

One common concern for beginner dirt bike riders is which bike to buy. Many novices buy dirt bikes that are too powerful for their abilities, which can be dangerous on a mountain trail. The instructors at the Aspen Dirt Bike School consult with beginning riders on the different types of dirt bikes for different skill levels.

The school’s owner, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified coach, designs the curriculum that he imparts on students of all ages with the help of seven other instructors. Most other dirt bike schools have one teacher assigned to a group of 15-20 students. However, at Aspen Dirt Bike School, students fly in from around the nation to attend because every three students have a single instructor.

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