Get Your Wrenches, It’s Time to Customize You Motorcycle

CustomChopperGuess what time it is? It’s the end of the riding season! While most riders are bummed that their favorite pastime just got put on hiatus, there’s a ton of riders who just got happy. Want to know why? Because they can now take their bikes apart bolt by bolt and upgrade them. Well, in the spirit of tearing down and customizing your bike, Esquire Network has just released a new fall time show to get your imaginations going.

Get Your Wrenches, It’s Time to Customize

Wrench Against the Machine is what you get when you combine the Amazing Race with American Chopper. Every week, two bike builder teams compete to build the best custom motorcycle. Both teams are given a starter bike, $3,000 and three days to build the best custom motorcycle they can. At the end of the race, whoever has the best motorcycle wins the glory and both bikes.

Dani Pajak and Brian Schaffran host this motorcycle showdown. Both are from Cleveland, Ohio and are known for building custom bikes out of their own shops, Disowned Customs and Skidmark Garage. The judges are some of the industry’s best: Roland Sands, Alan Stulberg, and Michael “Woolie” Woolaway.

The first episode features builders from Draft Studio in Chicago, Illinois and Steel Bent Customs from Tampa, Florida. Each build team is given a brand new 2017 Indian Scout to rip apart, but with only 72 hours—and two custom motorcycles—on the line, who will win?

Does this new show make you want to tear down your bike and put it back together? Do you have special plans to customize your motorcycle this winter? The motorcycling attorneys at the Metier Law Firm want to hear about your winter projects. So, tell us about them on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to keep following our motorcycle blog.

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