Girl With A Ten Percent Chance Of Walking Runs

A Wyoming high school girl who shattered her spine a little less than nine months ago, who was told she had a 10 percent chance of walking again, is now jogging between three and five miles a day.

Brooke Nisely had been snowboarding for six years when she had her accident. The high school sophomore was volunteering for the Eagle Mount program at Red Lodge, Montana, which helps teach people with disabilities how to ski.

On her way down the mountain one day, Nisely veered off the trail and hit a tree at full speed. She crushed the T12 vertebrae in her back, broke three ribs, lacerated her kidneys and liver. Doctors had to deflate one of her lungs due to fluid buildup. Her surgery took 10 hours.

A day after the surgery, she was walking. 6 months later, she went on her first run. “I went out one night and…I’m just like, ‘I’m going to go running. I just decided I was going to – no one was going to stop me,” she said. “I got to the mile rock, turned around and just cried the whole way home.”

That a person with such a severe spinal injury could make such an amazing recovery is inspiring.

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