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Should I Give a Statement to an Insurance Company After I Have Been in a Crash?

After a car crash, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will try to contact you quickly, sometimes even just hours after the accident. Although the insurance adjuster may appear friendly in such a call, the company wants you to make a statement before you have time to recover or speak to a lawyer. A premature statement can work against you later. In this video, attorney Phil Chupick explains why you should not give a statement to an insurance company right after a crash and what you can say instead.

Video Transcription

So, should you give a statement to an insurance company when they contact you right after a crash? The answer is: no. Oftentimes, you’ll be contacted immediately. Before you have a chance to recover, or talk with a lawyer, or to even think about what happened. Their goal is to get you on the record in a friendly manner, but later use that, manipulating what happened for their own benefit. If you’re contacted by an insurance company, the best thing to do is to tell them you’re not prepared to talk with them or that you would like to speak with a lawyer first. And that you’d be happy to give them a statement at a later date. That way, you’re cooperating with them. But you also have time to recover from your injuries and think about what actually happened in that crash.