Good Samaritans Save Rider from Fiery Crash

A man is alive today due to the quick actions of two men in the wake of a fiery motorcycle crash at Second Street and Wyoming Avenue in Feltonville, PA.

The accident started when a car made an illegal u-turn right into the path of a speeding motorcycle. The motorcycle skid on its side and slammed into the side of the car before bursting into flames with the rider trapped under the bike.

John Solecki, a SEPTA employee, and another man pulled the rider, who was on fire, from the burning wreckage. John removed his shirt to put out the flames. Steve Boon, another SEPTA employee, used a fire extinguisher that he grabbed on his way out of the SEPTA building.

Boon put out the flames on the driver’s legs before trying to extinguish the burning motorcycle. The heat of the motorcycle was so intense that both men had to drag the unconscious driver further away from the wreck.

The gas tank could have exploded at any moment but the men were more concerned with saving the rider.

The rider, later identified and Walter Rivera, suffered broken bones and burns but is expected to recover. He is lucky to be alive thanks to the actions of three men who risked their lives.

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