Good Samaritans Work Together to Free Driver Trapped in Sand

Police officers and firefighters had to work frantically to free a trapped driver after a semi-truck overturned, covering several cars with sand.

Witnesses say the truck driver lurched into eastbound traffic, driving over the median and barreling down the wrong side of the road. No one knows how fast he was going, but the driver soon lost control and flipped over.

The tractor-trailer continued to slide, causing three cars to crash in front of it. Two cars were covered in sand, which was spilling from the truck.

Dozens of residents helped first responders dig out one man who was trapped in his car. He was conscious and talking when they got him out, but there is no information on his current condition.

No one died in the accident, but several passengers had to be rushed to the hospital, including the truck driver and the trapped driver. The Boulder police shut down Baseline between Manhattan Drive and Foothill Parkway while a hazardous materials team cleared the area.

I Was Injured by a Tractor-Trailer! What Are My Legal Options?

When tractor-trailers crash, the cargo can cause as much damage as the truck does. Even sand, a reasonably harmless material, could have smothered that man in his car if help had not arrived in time.

Commercial drivers know that their trucks can tip or crash easily, but they still speed and drive recklessly to meet more deadlines and make more money. Their negligence causes thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths every year.

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