What Are Good Ways to Avoid Road Hazards On My Motorcycle?

Potential risks and obstacles can materialize for motorcycle riders and give little to no warning until it is too late. Highway construction zones, traffic jams and poor weather can cause motorcycle accidents, and that is why it is important to be prepared and aware of what dangers lay ahead.

Work zone obstacles can mean uneven payment, abrupt changes in the speed of traffic, debris and loose gravel. Warning signs alerting motorists of construction ahead are always present, but they may be more difficult to spot in poor weather conditions or if you are distracted.

Road Hazards Are Dangerous to All Motorists

U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHA) statistics report that from 2007-2012, there were 4,400 motorists killed and 200,000 injured in work zone related crashes. Statistics done by the FHA show that the greatest risk in work zones was a failure to see the work zone approaching. There are fortunately online tools for avoiding potential road hazards, such as cotrip.org, a non-government affiliated website where you can go and check your planned route for construction areas and poor weather conditions.

Poor weather and traffic are easy to avoid, as smartphone apps and online news are likely to give you plenty of advanced warning. Motorcycle riders face greater risks than cars do if they run into hazards on the way to a destination. Although you should never use a smartphone while riding a motorcycle, you can pull over somewhere safe to find an alternate route if you come across sudden traffic.

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You can find out more about traffic accidents and construction work zones by visiting the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s webpage.