Grandson of Golf Legend Miraculously Survives Motorcycle Accident

On May 2, Nick O’Leary, the grandson of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, walked away from a horrifying motorcycle accident, according to The Blaze. O’Leary, who plays tight end for Florida State University’s football team, was in Tallahassee, Florida when the accident occurred. A city bus that was stopped at an authorized bus stop and equipped with cameras recorded footage of the entire incident.

In the footage, O’Leary is seen riding his motorcycle down a street when a Lexus pulls out in front of him. The two vehicles collided, which caused O’Leary’s motorcycle to shatter as it flipped over the front of the Lexus, ejecting him along the way. The motorcycle went on to crash into the windshield of the bus, a fate O’Leary narrowly missed. He instead landed on the street and slid around 75-100 feet parallel to the bus.

Amazingly, O’Leary is seen standing up and walking immediately after this. However, O’Leary did not walk away completely unscathed.

“He wrecked that daggone scooter and was banged up for about a month,” said Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher when he addressed the crash during a July press conference. It should be noted that Fisher also mentioned that O’Leary weighs 247 pounds, the heaviest he has been at Florida State, and that he “looks very good.” was able to obtain the crash report through public records, which lays blame for the accident on the driver of the Lexus, stating, “A Lexus pulled out in front of O’Leary and did not establish the right of way, violating O’Leary’s own right of way.”

Considering how devastating it could have been, this situation turned out well. However, there are plenty of other similar incidents, where the victims are not able to walk away.

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