HBO Documentary Probes Taconic State Parkway Crash

On July 26, 2009 Diane Schuler drove the wrong way for 1.7 miles on the Taconic State Parkway before she collided head-on with another vehicle killing herself, four of the children in the car with her, and all three occupants of the other vehicle.

Later toxicology reports indicated that she had the equivalent of 10 shots of alcohol in her bloodstream as well as large amounts of THC. After the toxicology reports were revealed, Dan Schuler publicly denied that his wife was an alcoholic or used drugs and insisted that there had to be another explanation for the accident – a medical emergency of some sort.

On July 25, 2011, almost two years to the day after the accident, HBO aired Liz Garbus’ documentary, “There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane.”

The documentary explores the hours leading up to the accident and tries to answer many of the questions surrounding the case. Why did Schuler have that much marijuana and alcohol in her blood? Why was she drinking and driving with not only her own but other people’s children in the car? Is the family trying to save face by refusing to admit that Diane had a drug and alcohol problem? And if not, what caused her to drink so much on that day?

At the end of the day the documentary creates more questions than it answers and may only serve to open old wounds for the families of those killed in the crash.

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