Help in Colorado for TBI Victims

Life after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be incredibly difficult. Victims often must relearn how to communicate, something many of us take for granted. Recognizing the difficulties faced by TBI victims, two Colorado organizations are lending their support to TBI victims by helping them gain access to assistive technologies.

Many of us use electronic devices to assist with communication and planning. Smartphones, laptops and tablets all designed to help make our lives easier. These same devices can also help TBI victims with rehabilitation and increased independence.

By calling the Brain Injury alliance of Colorado at 303-355-9969, Colorado residents with a documented TBI can get assistive technology through Denver Options and the Colorado TBI Trust Fund.

Due to military bases located within the state, Colorado expects more than 5,000 military personnel to return to the state with TBI. In addition, approximately 27,000 individuals are estimated to visit emergency departments throughout the state for a traumatic brain injury. The majority of these individuals will live with varying levels of disability from their injuries.

Such statistics demonstrate the importance of the work done by these organizations. Colorado residents are fortunate to have assistance at their disposal when recovering from TBI, and we hope other states will take notice of these efforts and do what they can to implement similar programs.

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