A Helpful Guide for Finding Exciting Disability-Friendly Activities

Having a disability does not always mean it is impossible to enjoy some activities. Depending on the nature and severity of the disability, it may be possible to resume former hobbies. For some people with spinal cord and brain injuries, activities using adaptive sports, traveling and video games are still possible.

  • Adaptive sports can become a great way to enjoy physical activities, especially during the winter months in states like Colorado and Wyoming. Skis, bobsleds and snowboarding have been outfitted for people with disabilities. Places such as the Adaptive Sports Center in Colorado use monoskis, ski bikes and sit skis to allow mobility.
  • Traveling overseas with a disability involves a great deal of planning. According to the State Department, it is recommended to find others with the same disability and discover techniques they have used to travel. Researching requirements for assistive equipment is essential, and can be done by contacting the embassy of your destination.
  • Video games are accessible to some people with disabilities. Depending on the limitations of the disability, gaming is not only possible, but can become a regular hobby. Video games might also help during rehabilitation from brain injuries. A study carried out in Vienna researched how brain injury patients could use video games to improve coordination.

Why Many Activities Are Accommodating to People with Disabilities

These are only three examples of many. Most places in the country have to accommodate individuals with disabilities due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means places such as your favorite art museum, movie theaters and other locations are required by federal laws to be accessible for the disabled.

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