High School Football Star Makes Miraculous Recovery

A Nebraska high school football player named Shelton Dvorak is making a remarkable recovery from a brain hemorrhage received on the football field last month.

Dvorak was a star player for Pierce High School, where he played as running back and fullback. He took a lot of hits, and one wound up putting him in the hospital.

Dvorak said, “I ran the ball one time. I hit some kids, nine kids pretty hard. It was a good run.” However, he did not realize he had been hurt until the next play, when he collapsed.

“I just remember, I was getting wobbly, and the last I remember, I went down,” said Dvorak.

His mother said he just dropped on the sidelines, and remained in a coma for five days.

Neurosurgeons had to remove part of Dvorak’s skull to relieve the pressure on his brain. What they did worked, though, because 21 days later his doctors say he is making a miraculous recovery.

Shelton says he is ok with never playing football again, as long as he gets to live.

Have you suffered from a brain injury while playing football?

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