High-School Spine Injury Raises Questions About Weight Training

Being a high school athlete often requires weight lifting, and most schools offer classes in strength training for both athletes and regular students alike. After a Nebraska high school boy suffered a life-altering injury while lifting, his doctor and a weight trainer are giving different explanations for why the injury occurred.

Patrick Long was in an intermediate weight lifting class and attempting a lift for his final exam. He needed to lift 395 pounds to pass, but wanted to squat 400. On his way back up from the squat, he heard a pop, and was unable to stand back up without help. His coach told him to ice his back and go on about the day.

Patrick went to the emergency room that night, but it took a month for the Nebraska Spine Center to diagnose him with a bulging disc and a pinched nerve.

Patrick’s doctor says that young people’s bones are not fully developed, and that they have no business doing a variety of the exercises required in the class, including traditional squats, dead lifts, and cleans.

Weight trainer Bill Esch said it all depends on the person, and that avoiding injury all comes down to fundamentals and shoes. Instead of wearing soft-soled shoes, weight lifters need to wear flat-soled shoes for more stability.

Do you think Patrick’s injury is a result of poorly designed weight training classes for youth, or just a matter of not practicing correct fundamentals and using the wrong shoes?

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