High Speed Motorcycling Can Be Fatal

Sadly, so many motorcycle accidents occur because of riding at dangerous speeds or taking curves too quickly. Once again, this is the case for New Jersey motorcyclist Rodney Wilson, who crashed into a highway divider after being thrown over 100 feet from his motorcycle, reported by The Jersey Journal. The Jersey City Medical Center later pronounced him dead.

According to witness Tiffany Hasbourne, Wilson appeared to be trying to catch up to two other bikers, traveling at speeds from 80 to 100 mph. Hasbourne stated that she drove in the right hand lane and increased her speed to accommodate two quickly approaching motorcyclists who were changing lanes. As Wilson drove to catch up to the others, he skidded from the left lane while trying to turn right onto Route I-9, and his motorcycle ejected him when he hit the highway divider.

Hasbourne reports that she feels guilty, thinking that if she had not increased her speed to let him pass, he would not have attempted to go even faster. Bikers must be aware of the consequences of high speeds, since even the smallest bump or turn in the road is capable of tossing you off a motorcycle while speeding.

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