Hit-And-Run Cyclist Causes Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident

Late last April, a 24-year-old Fort Collins man was riding his 2012 Harley Davidson when a bicycle entered his lane, causing him to rapidly hit the brakes and crash. One month later, there is still no sign of the cyclist, and Colorado State Patrol has allegedly found no new leads.

Making no effort to help the injured motorcyclist, the cyclist fled the scene and rode rapidly away from the accident. According to the injured motorcyclist, the hit-and-run cyclist was a man in his mid-50s with a trimmed white beard.

In the aftermath of the motorcycle accident, the man suffered a broken wrist and nose. The impact was so powerful it popped his shoulder out of place, requiring him to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, he is now stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills and police are no closer to finding a suspect. He will miss several months of work, as his job requires a great deal of manual labor.

What Can This Story Tell Us About Surviving A Motorcycle Accident?

This story can give people a good idea of what to expect after surviving a motorcycle accident. Medical bills, rehabilitation and time off from work are all unfortunate possibilities. In this specific case, without locating the cyclist, it will be difficult to hold them accountable for costs associated with the accident.

Had the cyclist not entered the path of a motorcycle travelling much faster, this unfortunate accident would have likely never occurred.

Depending on the circumstances, motorcycle accident survivors might have options for pursuing damages to help cover the costs associated with medical bills, rehabilitation and lost income. Contacting a motorcycle accident attorney will let survivors know what options are available.

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