Hit-and-Run Driver Crashes Into Court Building

A suspect fleeing a hit-and-run accident crashed into the steps of the Colorado Supreme Court building on October 1.

The initial collision took place on the Auraria Campus. According to reports, campus police saw a black Acura strike a pedestrian and flee the scene. They pursued the car until it ran a red light at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Broadway, colliding with a black Altima.

The impact sent the Acura spinning before it slammed into the concrete posts in front of the courthouse. The driver and the passenger were both taken to the hospital, one with serious injuries.

Luckily, both the pedestrian and the driver of the Altima escaped with only minor cuts and bruises. However, this reckless driver could have killed someone during his foolish attempt to avoid responsibility for his actions.

Accidents do happen, but reckless drivers make the road more dangerous for everyone. Car accident injuries can cost thousands in medical bills and require a long, painful recovery.

Can I Sue a Reckless Driver?

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Source: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_26643502/hit-and-run-ends-crash-into-colorado-supreme

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