Hit and Run Suspect Arrested

Erin Finn, 20, is facing charges associated with a hit and run car accident that killed Dennis Dolce, a 51-year-old father of three. Investigators say the white sedan that Finn and her mother shared crossed into the westbound lane of C-470 and hit Dolce’s white SUV.

According to court documents, Finn hitchhiked to a 7-Eleven wearing a Halloween costume on Thursday morning, November 1. She reportedly told the driver who picked her up, “I need to get out of here.” A witness said she was not sure if the red area on her forehead was blood or part of the costume. At the convenience store, Finn allegedly called a woman and asked her for a ride.

Reported Stolen

Police say someone reported Finn’s father’s vehicle stolen Thursday morning about an hour after the crash. Finn said she was at a party that night and awoke to find some of her possessions stolen, including her purse and the car. Police arrested her that day. They found a black glove on her property that matched the costume she wore in a 7-Eleven surveillance video.

Finn is wearing an ankle bracelet until her next court appearance. Her father issued an apology to the victim’s family, saying that he was “truly, deeply sorry” and that “Our hearts are heavy on this side[.]”

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