Hitting Cow Kills Man On Motorcycle

Cows can be amusing animals, especially from a distance. They always stand so placidly, doing nothing but chewing grass and staring off into the distance. Once they wonder into the road, though, they become much more dangerous.

Cows are large enough that when people strike them in full-size automobiles they are frequently killed. When 48-year old Robert Snider struck a cow on his motorcycle last month in Wyoming, he did not stand a chance.

Snider was traveling northbound on LaPrairie Center road about three miles south of Route 17 when he struck a cow in the road. The Marshall County coroner declared him dead at the scene.

Though the Marshall County Sheriff said it was a freak accident for that area, it serves as reminder how important it is to stay aware of what is in the road. We could wonder how hard it would be to see something as large as a cow in the road, but that would be ignoring all the variables that affect visibility while riding. People miss seeing 18-wheelers in the road. It is not so surprising that someone could miss a cow.

Have you missed something while riding that should have been obvious, leading you to get in a motorcycle accident?

Sometimes what you hit in the road should not have been there. If you would like to ask an experienced injury attorney if you have a case, fill out our contact form or call us at the number provided.

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