Honda, BMW and Yamaha Are Creating New Motorcycle Safety Features

Honda, BMW and Yamaha are working together to develop technology that will help motorcycles communicate with each other. Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems allow motorcycles to share information and coordinate together.

The signed agreement between the manufacturers, called the Connected Motorcycle Consortium, is laying the foundation for future advancements in smart vehicle technology, such as allowing motorcycles to communicate with other vehicles and surrounding infrastructure. Smart motorcycles would be able to avoid collisions with other vehicles, plan destinations and automatically call emergency responders after accidents. Although this technology is currently used in some passenger vehicles and trucks, engineers are having difficulties adapting it to motorcycles, due to the much smaller size.

In addition to less space to install hardware, onboard computers would have to be vibration and water proofed.  Despite the engineering challenges, the three manufacturers are hoping to create “smart motorcycles” by 2020.

How Motorcycle Safety Technology is Evolving

Earlier in this year in July, we wrote a blog article on the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Transportation and his interview with National Journal. During the interview, the assistant secretary discussed the importance of developing motorcycles and other vehicles that can communicate with each other. This kind of technology could help inattentive motorists avoid collisions with riders, perhaps preventing thousands of motorcycle accidents every year.

The assistant secretary made the prediction that the future of motorcycle and vehicle safety will focus on “avoiding crashes altogether”. This new agreement between Honda, BMW and Yamaha is a step in this direction.

We live in exciting times, and it is likely motorcycle manufacturers will continue to incorporate computers and software into safety features.

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