Honda Recalls 126,000 Gold Wing Motorcycles

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is recalling 126,000 of its Gold Wing touring motorcycles for issues with the rear brake.

Problems with the secondary master cylinder may cause the rear brake to drag on some bikes, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Friction between the road and the defective part may also generate heat, and could possibly cause a fire.

Honda faced a similar issue in December 2011, when it recalled another bike suffering from rear brake dragging. At that time, the car manufacturer believed that contaminated brake fluid caused the defect.

Has My Motorcycle Been Recalled?

The recall affects GL1800 models from 2001- 2012 (excluding 2011) and GL1800A models from 2001-05. Honda has already sent a preliminary letter to affected owners telling them how to check their bikes for problems.

Honda is facing a bit of an issue because its mechanics have not figured out how to prevent the problem. The company encourages riders to have their defective bikes repaired at a local dealership, but that would only be a stopgap measure.

Even after two recalls over the last several years, Honda has no idea what causes this dangerous defect or how to prevent it. More than 100,000 motorcyclists are currently at risk, and some may not get the recall notice before they suffer a serious accident.

Motorcyclists depend on their bikes to keep them safe on the road. Riders could be seriously injured or even killed if their bikes are defective .

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