Horrific Train Accident Severely Injures Colorado Teen

Hopping a train like a hobo may seem to be a romantic gesture, but the action can be extremely dangerous. A Colorado State University teen attempted to hop a freight train in Longmont on Labor Day, headed back to Fort Collins with friends. The train traveled at 10 mph and hauled hundreds of empty coal cars. However, 17-year-old Anna Beninati fell beneath the wheels of the train and severed both legs. According to TheDenverChannel.com, the tape of the 911 call from a nurse who was passing by indicates that the train’s wheels amputated the girl’s left leg below the hip and the right leg below the knee.

The nurse who made the 911 call about the train accident and another nurse on the scene managed to hold pressure on her thighs to staunch some of the bleeding, probably saving her life. Paramedics airlifted Anna to Denver Health Medical Center, where she is in serious condition.

Police explain that the girl went to Denver from Fort Collins, and she traveled with three male friends. Two of the friends got on the train, and one jumped back off. Police have not been able to locate the friend who remained on the train.

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