How a Settlement Works

When you are injured in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence, a skilled attorney can help you get the money you deserve. Your attorney will deal with the offending party’s insurance company, seeking a reasonable settlement to pay for the damage to your health and your life.

When presenting your case to the insurance company, your lawyer will gather all relevant information concerning your accident. Proof of medical expenses, missed work days, medical records, police reports and anything else that proves the severity of your injuries and their cost will be collected and presented to the insurance company. The company will then determine what it thinks is a reasonable settlement.

If the company’s offer is too low, it may be possible to negotiate a higher payout. Your attorney’s experience will help significantly in negotiations, maximizing the insurance company’s offer.

Your attorney must discuss all offers with you and it will be your decision whether you want to accept an offer or not. When the payout seems reasonable, your attorney will send a letter of confirmation that you are willing to accept the offer, and the company will in turn send a release form for you to sign. When the company receives the signed release form, your check is released.

Your attorney will take his fees out of the payout before you receive your money, but the higher amount he negotiated will usually offset the fee, ensuring you get what you need.

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