How Are Authorities Fighting the Spike in Fatal Pedestrian Crashes?

photo of car accident

Another Aurora pedestrian has lost their life in an automobile vs. pedestrian incident. This has been an unfortunate trend in Colorado over the past few years, and the authorities are tired of it. The police and traffic authorities all over the state have launched programs to try to curb this growing epidemic. But will their efforts be met with success?

Fighting Colorado’s Spike in Fatal Pedestrian Crashes

At around 5:30 pm on August 6th, a truck towing a camping trailer backed into a sedan in a parking lot. The driver left the scene but stopped on East Mexico Avenue after being followed by the sedan. When the sedan driver and his wife stepped out to confront the other driver, the woman was struck by the camping trailer. She was then dragged several blocks. First responders took the woman to the hospital, but her injuries were too severe. The truck driver was arrested around 5:45.

Though the circumstances that led to this incident were unique, the results are becoming all too common here in Colorado. In July, two other pedestrians in Aurora were hit by vehicles, one of which also died of his injuries. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), at least 30 pedestrians have died on Colorado roads in 2018. Last year, over 90 pedestrians were killed in crashes with automobiles. This is up 130 percent from 2010, which only saw only 40 pedestrian fatalities.

This spike in fatalities has authorities battling against what they believe to be the cause of this epidemic—distraction. Police officers in Aurora have been handing out flyers and talking to members of the community. They have been asking residents to not walk or drive while distracted, explaining the crisis Colorado is now facing. CDOT has even brought back “Fred Estrian”, the fictional character who warns pedestrians about roadway dangers.

Another way to spread awareness about pedestrian crashes in Colorado is for victims to confront drivers in court. That’s why it is important for victims and their families to reach out to an attorney after a pedestrian crash. It could help prevent others from being hurt in the same way.

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