How Are Colorado Police Reducing Distracted Driving Accidents?

A recent car accident in Lakewood took the life of a 51-year-old woman and injured a small boy. Authorities suspect the driver responsible for the accident was distracted. The accident comes at a time when Colorado law enforcement officers are attempting a statewide crackdown on distracted driving. In 2013, there were 200 deaths involving distracted driving in Colorado, more than accidents involving impaired drivers.

Earlier this year, Colorado law enforcement received a grant to reduce the high rates of distracted driving accidents. Colorado Springs, which received $36,000 from the grant, has reported a 1.8 percent decrease in distracted driving accidents. In Colorado Springs, police have reported there have been zero distracted driving related deaths. However, the Lakewood accident shows there is still more work to be done in other parts of the state.

Colorado law enforcement has relied on increased patrols to catch distracted drivers. In March, Colorado State Patrol announced it would make catching distracted drivers a primary focus throughout the year.

How Else Can Colorado Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents?

Law enforcement is one of several ways to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents. Private and government initiatives have also been used in Colorado.

Two main programs are attempting to get the word out on safe driving, Drive Smart Colorado and Moving Towards Zero Deaths. As a non-profit, Drive Smart Colorado has visited high schools, where students can attempt distracted driving in a simulator. Moving Towards Zero Deaths is an initiative launched by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Both organizations are working on reducing distracted driving accidents in Colorado.

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