How Can I Avoid Motorcycle Accidents During Heavy Traffic?

As many of our readers are aware, riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun – that is until traffic shows up and ruins everything. Navigating through traffic can be a difficult situation for novice riders, but even experienced motorcyclists can make mistakes capable of causing a motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists might be able to reduce the chances of a motorcycle accident by following some safety tips.

  • Hyper-awareness is essential while riding in close vicinity to other vehicles. The greatest danger of traffic is that other motorists might not be paying attention unless changing lanes. In addition, other motorists are unlikely to spot a motorcyclist among hundreds of other cars.
  • Motorcyclists should attempt to create distance from other vehicles so there is room to maneuver and avoid obstacles. For example, riding too closely behind other vehicles might cause an accident. If the vehicle in front of a motorcyclist stops, there might not be enough time to react.
  • Maintain a safe speed in areas with heavy traffic. Most traffic jams will have pockets where density briefly decreases, but do not take this as an opportunity to take more risks, as traffic can always start again with little warning.
  • Motorcyclists should always be looking for ways to increase visibility. Visibility is especially important when competing with hundreds of other vehicles. Attire, reflective tape and other gear can make motorcyclists stand out among the other vehicles in a traffic jam.

Motorcyclists are encouraged to enroll in local motorcycle safety courses to learn more about how to stay safe while riding. For more information on motorcycle accidents, please continue to explore our website or follow us on Facebook.

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Did You Know? On average, Americans spend 38 hours a year stuck in traffic jams.

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