How Can I Avoid Motorcycle Accidents During Rainy Weather?

Although Colorado and Wyoming do not get as much rain as other states, spring weather can still create the possibility of slippery roads. For motorcyclists, even a small amount of rain can be immensely dangerous if certain precautions are not taken. Here are three ways that motorcyclists can reduce the chances of a motorcycle accident during rainy weather:

  • Maintaining traction with the road is essential to avoiding an accident. Keeping your speed slow and avoiding sharp turns will help you keep your motorcycle upright and reduce the distance needed to brake.
  • Motorcyclists always have to worry about staying visible to other vehicles, but this is especially true during wet conditions when visibility can be poor. If visibility is too poor for you to be seen and you lack brightly colored attire or powerful lights, it is best to stay off the road and wait it out. Most motorcycle accidents happen because motorists cannot see motorcyclists, so it is advisable to avoid conditions that decrease visibility in general.
  • Staying comfortable is important, as rainy and cold weather can be distracting. Motorcyclists have to concentrate on surroundings and not be distracted by how cold or wet it is. Brightly colored rain attire serves two purposes; it makes you more visible to other motorists and it keeps your body warm.

Always consider external risks when you hop on your motorcycle. Ask yourself if the conditions outside make you more or less safe. Unfortunately, weather can be unpredictable, so it is advisable to stay up to date on the forecast for your area and plan accordingly before you set out on your journey.

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