How Can I Avoid Motorcycle Accidents While Using a Sidecar?

Motorcyclists have options when it comes to riding with a passenger, such as the use of a sidecar. Sidecars can offer passengers more comfort, and perhaps ease of mind, but they can be challenging to use even for experienced riders.

Sidecars can change the dynamics for steering a motorcycle, pulling the vehicle to the opposite direction and making turning more difficult. For example, sidecars can cause what is known as “cornering”, where a motorcyclist attempts to turn right, sending a sidecar into the air. Cornering can be very dangerous for passengers, as it can lead to the sidecar completely tipping over.

Added weight can also become an obstacle for motorcyclists using a sidecar. Due to added weight from a sidecar, motorcycle maneuverability, speed control and braking can change. For example, the change in weight will put extra strain on braking and turning. Braking too quickly can cause the motorcycle to swerve and lose control, meaning motorcyclists will have to apply a lot of muscle to steer properly.

Practice Can Help You Avoid Sidecar Related Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists should take sidecar training classes before purchasing and using one. Practice makes perfect when it comes to motorcycle safety. By taking classes and practicing with an empty sidecar, motorcyclists can adjust to the change in maneuverability and weight.

Some motorcycle classes offer riders the chance to practice their skills using an empty lot, giving riders a safe place to try new skills.

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